When Nobody Tells The AD You’re Too Old For This Shit

I don’t know what’s up with Tumblr but I keep getting suggested tumblrs to follow who are all production related and let be the first to tell you these are some of the worst piles of shit I’ve ever seen on the internet. It’s like the exact opposite of Moonbuggy. It’s even weirder because they do the same shit that has made BuzzFeed popular (reaction face animated gif). 

L&B Aftermath

So I dropped $80 on two whole trays of sicilian yesterday. I had been driving back and forth between Bethpage and Manhattan almost everyday and I kept thinking of bringing a shit load of pizza back to set. Finally, on the way back yesterday afternoon I shot down Ocean Ave and made a pitstop before jumping on the Belt. The whole thing felt like a risk because I was getting phone calls every 20 minutes from the guys I was working for with requests and orders. Yesterday was different because I had a partner with me and because we weren’t rushing back to set with anything pressing.

I wish I could begin to explain what it’s like to work almost 80 hours in one week with maybe 4 hours of sleep between each day. Or what it’s like to slur your speech because you’re so tired. Or how you have to wait 10 minutes to work up the energy to talk to the guy behind the counter at the pizza shop because you’re starving and don’t want to sound like a crackhead.


5 Minute Quick Thoughts Re: Secret Hacking and Security


Like many, I had already thought about the most recent Secret Hack, but was too lazy to think of trying it.   I think the key to guarding your identity on Secret, in light of these hack methods, is if using Gmail, to ALWAYS use some derivation of your username with the ‘+’ mechanism.

For instance, instead of:

  • himynameis@gmail.com


  • himynameis+supertopsecret@gmail.com

The email will appear unique to Secret (or any service for that matter), but not unique to Gmail.  Added bonus, you can create filters on the incoming email to direct the marketing spam to the bit bucket.  I wonder if this email obfuscation would, in effect, turn Secret into a follower/following model rather than the current friend model.  Specifically, I follow all the people I’ve ever emailed, but they don’t necessarily follow me.  

Though, no matter what course of action security through obscurity is complete bullsh*t.