Anybody who demonizes the police officer who choked Eric Garner to death is playing into the system. That officer will never be held accountable in Garner’s death, he’s an agent in a system that benefits from his actions and efforts. The city has already paid thousands of dollars in settlements and pardoned his actions several times and he still remains employed. What that means is this city would rather risk potential homicide than promoting a just and fair system.

Eric Garner was choked to death because he resisted arrest. He knowingly and willingly put up his hands when police officers were attempting to detain him. By resisting arrest Garner was committing a crime in protest of what he saw as larger injustice, a continuation of harassment by police. Eric could have known he would be physically detained and his health might not allow him to suffer such an altercation, but he fought back against an enemy he knew would never prevail.

New York City, as well as other major US cities, have reputations for targeting minorities and persons of color. Their aim it to thwart the threat of aggression from those groups. The intention is arbitrary but fueled by a political aim to foster a sense of safety. A system that can apprehend the potential of assault is just as good as one that thwarts such an action. We are protected by this illusion of control, one where people identified as a threat are already subdued into a state of implied incarceration.


I am on tumblr at the wrong time. I would have loved to be on tumblr when topherchris was still posting regularly. When Julia and Jakob were happy. When soupsoup was breaking news. When tumblarity encouraged all of us to post more. When having an opinion didn’t mean activism. When we weren’t half-heartedly applauded for groupthink. When personal photos weren’t just instagram embeds. When you could embed auto-play .swfs that would make your followers furiously click “watch video” links to find the culprit and angrily unfollow you. When people were happy with themselves.

This is just funny because I’m currently sitting in the exact spot I was sitting on January in 2008 when I first signed up for Tumblr. Some people I’m friends with still call me bagcoffee, but that time of 6 years ago is long gone. I really wish I could have been more invested in the idea of who everyone was back then, I would be astounded at how things turned out and the directions people went. But the reality back then was everything was gawking, we all looking for a change and nothing was set. We all felt this potential and we focused our attention on how to get something out of it. The 6 figure blog-to-book deals was the start of some of the changes, but the circles of friends kept growing and growing. Sometimes I wonder why I’m still even on Tumblr, I tried to quit two years ago. But I suppose I’ll keep coming back and looking as long as I’m trying to distract myself for a few hours (or really the whole day).